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Firm Profile:

Established in 1989, Pinnacle has been fortunate to develop and field a team of professionals who have a comprehensive blend of engineering design, hands-on implementation, and consulting experience.

Our office is located in Snohomish, Washington in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. From here, our principals and staff have managed both national and international projects. Pinnacle has a wide range of client types from a variety of industries, including state and federal government agencies.

The Pinnacle Consulting Group Office
Our office, located at 114 Avenue C, Ste 102, Snohomish, WA
Company Principals
Frank Coleman, Jr. - President & CEO
Lena Coleman-Meyer - Principal
Steven Fisher - Principal
Chris Matthews - Principal

The Pinnacle Team is composed of:
Project Managers
Industrial Engineers
Project Engineers
Systems Engineers
Systems Analysts
CAD Designers / Drafters
Marketing and Administrative Staff

Geographical Distribution of Work
West Coast   47%
Mid West   23%
East Coast   30%

Market Distribution of Project Work
Warehouse/Distribution Facilities   43%
Manufacturing Facilities   31%
Repair/Maintenance Facilities   26%

We bring to our clients:

  • Expertise in planning, design and implementation of manufacturing, distribution, and repair/maintenance facilities and operations;
  • An independent, objective viewpoint that facilitates and focuses upon a team approach. This objectivity and independence allows for decisions made in the client's best interest without ties or loyalties to suppliers, vendors, or contractors;
  • Proven ability to react to a rapid pace and the ever-changing needs companies face in today's business world;
  • Strong project and program development expertise including high-performance computer-based systems and tools;
  • Experience and knowledge gained from developing and implementing successful projects for various corporations, firms and agencies.


Pinnacle is in business to help our customers achieve or exceed their business goals. We want to be selected to join their team on future projects.


To be recognized as the Best and the Most Successful Industrial Engineering Consulting Organization by our clients and other professional service groups in the areas of Distribution, Warehousing, Manufacturing and Repair.

Value Statements:

Clients:"One of the fundamental differences of Pinnacle is our commitment to the client." We are constantly striving to surpass our client's expectations of service, dependability, accuracy, performance and price. Pinnacle strongly believes that every situation involving our clients will be a "win-win" situation.

Environment:"A good working environment supports honest, ethical behavior and relationships." This environment promotes learning, innovation, creativity, and initiative. Pinnacle strives for open, honest communications which eliminates barriers and boundaries and allows continuous improvement and creativity.

Management:"The principal philosophy behind Pinnacle's management is High Commitment=High Performance." This translates into developing winning teams that are consistently able to demonstrate outstanding performance and exceptional service for our clients. With a strategic focus in mind, Pinnacle is able to avoid unproductive activity.

Employees:"We believe our employees to be honest and ethical people, who truly care about themselves, others, and their work." Our goal, both as a firm and as individuals, is to produce a quality project/product enabling everyone involved to achieve success both in and out of their business ventures. Integrity can be seen in everything that Pinnacle attempts and accomplishes.

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