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Esterline Control Systems

David J. Rhoden - Vice President, Control Systems

"Pinnacle’s personnel integrated seamlessly with the Esterline team from very early in the project. Theybrought a proven methodology to the table which enabled the team to understand overall material,communication and data flow throughout the facility. After block level adjacencies were developed for theorganization, Pinnacle created and maintained detailed facility layouts of the existing and new facility whichwere used by the general contractor and subs to plan and construct all manufacturing infrastructure needs.They effectively became an extension of our internal teams and ultimately understood our processes as well,if not better, than many of us."


Harry Tsui - Medtronic Emergency Response Systems

"In my opinion, the Pinnacle work was much more than just the AED Improvement project but the beginnings of a Medtronic Emergency Response Systems improvement era. As mentioned in opening remarks, the Efficiency Quality is as important as Reliability Quality, if you can not deliver the product it doesn't mean much. From the list of noted observations, it became clear we have many opportunities for improvement. I am encouraged to see internal initiatives spawned from our efforts ranging from material lean improvement, distribution study, other product line baseline review, factory look and feel, and resource support in our coming new fiscal year. You spoke to the meaning of World Class as not a single action or activity but a behavior and philosophy of never ending improvement. It has been a pleasure working with you and hope to enlist your services in the future."

Philips Oral Health Care, Inc.

Mark P. Johnson, P.E. - Vice President, Operations

"The Pinnacle Group team worked closely with Philips resources to develop our new factory concept into a detailed design that met our objectives and budget constraints. Pinnacle exceeded our expectations in the development of a phased implementation plan and by providing implementation management services that resulted in completion of our project on time and on budget with no lost production time. The seven month project included retrofit of 2 buildings and relocation/expansion of all production and packaging operations. The project was awarded ‘Best Process’ by Philips Worldwide in the 2004 DAP Improvement Team Competition. Both Mike Frei and Byron Mark were instrumental in the project and were a pleasure to work with. They are team leaders, good communicators, and personable individuals. I recommend Pinnacle for your consideration."

Romac Industries, Inc.

George F. Denison, P.E. - V.P. and Director of Engineering

"Our business has been growing significantly in the last few years, and the efficiencies we achieved have allowed us to take this on without adding people or additional space. Flexibility that was built into the layout has paid off in that it allows us to add new products and adapt to changing conditions without significant disruption. The Pinnacle team worked extremely hard with us in developing a layout that worked for Romac and for all of the various regulatory agencies looking over our shoulders. In retrospect, it is amazing that we were able to gain the efficiencies we needed and meet all of the regulatory requirements. We never would have arrived there without your help! If I were to single out anyone at Pinnacle for special recognition it would have to be Steve Fisher. He worked tirelessly to help us meet a multitude of deadlines, and his ideas saved us lots of time and money."

Travis Industries, Inc.

Ken Sandness - Plant Manager

"Pinnacle supported Travis Industries, Inc. with factory consolidation and relocation efforts for the new plant located in Mukilteo, Washington. The project encompassed the consolidation of five separate buildings into a 480,000 square feet facility for corporate offices, R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing and Warehouse activities. Pinnacle’s primary role was to survey and assess seven existing production lines, fabrication & sheet metal shops and associated manufacturing support areas. Pinnacle then programmed the functional areas and developed detail factory equipment layouts, and utility coordination drawings. Pinnacle also identified several productivity improvements, material handling efficiencies and process improvements for the project that were incorporated into the final design. Pinnacle’s efforts were key in the success of the project. The project resulted in increased production capacity, improved production flow, reduced material handling requirements and consolidation of several costly lease agreements into one. Travis Industries, Inc. has experienced significant cost reductions partially due to Pinnacle’s leadership role and consulting support. The Pinnacle Group team continues to supports Travis Industries with production planning for new product lines and factory modifications. I would recommend Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc. for your consideration."


Carl L. Bates - Director, Real Estate and Facilities

"Frank Coleman and The Pinnacle Consulting Group team are hard working, professional, creative, and detail oriented. They have always provided the highest quality service and dedication, and to this day remain a preferred service provider of Microsoft. I would highly recommend he and his organization for your consideration."

Nintendo of America Inc.

Wayne Hamilton - Director of Distribution

"I strongly recommend Frank Coleman and The Pinnacle Consulting Group to any company looking for professional facility design consultation. I have known and worked with Frank Coleman since 1986, when Frank helped design and construct two warehouse facilities for Weyerhaeuser Garden Supply Company. At Weyerhaeuser, we were particularly impressed by Frank's thorough approach to his work, his tireless enthusiasm and the excellent manner in which he communicated with our staff. I was thrilled when Frank formed The Pinnacle Consulting Group. Frank has assembled a superb team of professionals who are not only extremely knowledgeable in their field, but have tremendous interpersonal communication skills. They do what many consultants cannot - they listen to their clients. After fully exploring the needs and desires of their clients, they perform complete alternative analyses. Their recommendations are presented in a manner that their clients can understand and all aspects of each alternative are thoroughly explained."


John Hopkins - Chairman

"In the 25 years Truck Centers, Inc. has been in business, we have built or significantly expanded 5 facilities for our Freightliner franchises in Illinois and Missouri. The Pinnacle Group is the most knowledgeable and helpful company we have ever used. Their knowledge and ability to depict the efficient flow of work is invaluable. I will not build a new facility without their assistance."

Gordon Trucking, Inc.

Lynn Cockrum - Chief Financial Officer

"By its nature, the trucking business consumes large quantities of real estate for parking, maintenance and handling of heavy duty trucks and trailers. Because of rapid growth, our company had reached a point of maximum capacity in our physical site, not only in our equipment yards but in our offices as well. We hired Frank Coleman and The Pinnacle Consulting Group to perform a long-range facilities plan, and help us come to grips with future facility development decisions. Their team approach to data-gathering, evaluation and design have proven to be key in our decision-making process. Without question, The Pinnacle Consulting Group has helped us to put together a maximum-return plan for facilities that will grow with our company now, and into the future. I fully endorse the firm's engagement by any company that seeks forward-thinking, pragmatic professionals to perform facilities planning."


Michael G. Riccio - General Manager, Corporate Finance Division

"We chose Pinnacle because of their vast experience in warehouse design and layout. We really needed an overhaul in our warehouse and they were the best fit. They are a team of dedicated people and their support was tremendous. They were here day and night throughout the implementation. They were dedicated, on-site, and willing to do what it took to get the job done. I have complete faith in Mike Frei and Mike Murphy; you get a feeling that they care about your business. Pinnacle went "all out" to make sure this project was a success. Tips for others: Never underestimate the undertaking of what you are about to go through. Work with people who have had experience and who have gone through this before. Without the knowledge they have earned, you're going to run into trouble. With any project there are startup issues. You need someone who is proven, whose got the experience and also who is willing to dedicate the support. We could not have been so successful without the dedicated support of Pinnacle - without question."

S.R. Smith

Donald Jeskey - V.P. Operations

"The Pinnacle Consulting Group was very insightful in helping us identify and execute in our needs as a manufacturing company. They designed a new plant layout to increase our production flow as well as consolidated our docks to one location for easier access for our shipping and receiving needs. Mike Frei and Steve Fisher were the key components to the success of our project. S.R. Smith would highly recommend The Pinnacle Consulting Group for planning and developing a manufacturing facility. We now have an organized warehouse for our stainless steel tubing as well as our finished products. Without the help and ingenuity of The Pinnacle Consulting Group, we would not have been able to increase our production and utilize the storage spaces available in our plant."
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